MG Gliders


Dear customers,

thank you for your interest in our offer.

We are happy to work for you, using our experience and put all our heart to make your gliders beautiful and ready to fly.

We are offering:

Professional repair of gliders

To make your glider beautiful and safe we must to start from removing old gel'coat. After removal it sometimes cracks in laminate and cover are visible. In that case is necessary to make repairs needed. We are removing the old layers and putting new ones. To  drive the surface again we are using the resin 285.

Canopy replacement
Sometimes because of the time or an accident the conopy replecement is needed. We replace the canopies in gliders produced in Poland and abroad.

Gelcoat polishing
To be sure that after the flying seasson your glider will be still in good shape is reccomended to polish the surface. Every producent recommends gelcoat polishing after each season. That means polishing with 1500, 2000, 2500 grit wet sandpaper and then using the light abrasive pasta.

Ornamentation created from the client’s patt

ern Every gliders owner want it to be unique. If in your head you created some design of a new logo, competition of registration, new anticolisions marks or you have other ideas what thing you want to paint or stick on your glider - make a project on a peper on in your computer - we will make it real. If you don't have any ideas - don't worry! We have a lot of pictures of ornamentation made in past - maybe you will choose one?  

Warning signs are made of acrylic or fluorescent paint.