lakierowanie szybowców

  1. Professional repair of gliders After removal of old gelcoat sometimes cracks in laminate and cover are visible. In such a case a repair is needed. This means removing the old cover and making a new one. Then the resin el 285 is used.
  2. Canopy replacement
    We replace the canopies in gliders produced in Poland and abroad.
  3. Gelcoat polishing
    Every producent recommends gelcoat polishing after each season. That means polishing with 1500, 2000, 2500 grit wet sandpaper and then using the light abrasive pasta.
  4. Ornamentation created from the client’s patt ern Glider ornamentation is an individual vision of the owner. Meeting the expectations of our customers we present our own ornamentation design for approval. Warning signs are made of acrylic or fluorescent paint.