Dear Customers,

for this special occasion we want to wish you Happy Christmass and a Happy New Year!

From all MGGLIDERS Crew!

Dear customers,

As you can see in the photos - W. I. P - work in progress .

If any of you is interested in our offer - contact with us!!

Dear Customers,

as you see we are not only working on gelcoat - we are also taking care about equipment inside !

On the first photo you can see  the new upholstery from LS8 18 m. On the next one - the old one!

What do you think about this Duo-Discus T?

In Poland we used to say: You are not allowed to ask a woman about her weight. But this one looks like nice guy, so should we ask? 


Dear customers,

We are happy to annouce you that we have just receive our own certificate no: PL.145.106.

We are maintenante organization and we are happy that we can offer you bigger range of our services and make you calm that your aircraft is in good hands.


Happy Chistmas and A Happy New Year

Dear Customers,

The Chistmas are coming and New Year also, we are in hurry to wish you:

All the best, a little bit of rest, a plenty of happiness and cheer, so much love, loving person on your side, good luck, make every second count,

don't miss any moment important in your life.

If you are pilot - same amount of starts as landings!




Dear customers

As you can see we are working on any kinds of gliders - moto's ones are friendly welcomed too! Last days this beautiful Lambada leaved our workshop - we hope that the owner is now enjoying every flight on it. We are sure that it's looks amazing outsite but also is functioning perfectly!

Dear customers
We are happy to anounce you that new part of our workshop is already done! Now we have more space and up-to-date equipment to improve our work. As you see we have a safe, comfortable place where also your trailers can stay and wait during works. It looks quite nice, isn't it?