Dear Customers

To show you the most important place in our workshop we've made this photo. As you can see we have up-to-date paint shop to be sure that the paint on your glider is placed smoothly, in the best way and in the best conditions. Of course - everything according to instructions and directives.

Dear customers

As you can see we are working on any kinds of gliders - moto's ones are friendly welcomed too! Last days this beautiful Lambada leaved our workshop - we hope that the owner is now enjoying every flight on it. We are sure that it's looks amazing outsite but also is functioning perfectly!

Dear customers
We are happy to anounce you that new part of our workshop is already done! Now we have more space and up-to-date equipment to improve our work. As you see we have a safe, comfortable place where also your trailers can stay and wait during works. It looks quite nice, isn't it?